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DECA-DURABOLIN 200 mg/ml by StealthJuice


Available Options:
Buy 1 sachet (5 ml) for $25.00
($25.00 each sachet)
Buy 4 sachets (20 ml) for $85.00
($21.25 each sachet)
Buy 8 sachets (40 ml) for $120.00
($15.00 each sachet)
Buy 20 sachets (100 ml) for $250.00 $300.00
($12.50 each sachet) You save $50.00!
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Note: Each sachet contanins 5 ml of product.

Product Specifications

Product: DECA-DURABOLIN 200 mg/ml
Product Code: ST01.5
Manufacturer: StealthJuice
Active Ingredient: nandrolone decanoate
Strenght: 200 mg/ml

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About nandrolone decanoate

Alternative names

Nortestosterone decanoate
Nortestosterone decylate

Therapeutic dose

50 mg every 3 weeks (osteoporosis in post-menopausal women)
50100 mg weekly (aplastic anaemia)


Nandrolone decanoate in the form of the Organon product, Deca-Durabolin, has been around for over 30 years. It has anabolic, androgenic, progestogenic and erythropoietic activity. The steroid maintains the anabolic activity of testosterone but the androgenic action is markedly diminished. The anabolic/androgenic quotient after 2 weeks of treatment has been shown to be 12 times that obtained with testosterone decanoate. Nandrolone decanoate has been shown to influence calcium metabolism positively and to increase bone mass in osteoporosis. Androgenic effects are relatively uncommon at the recommended therapeutic dosages.

As nandrolone is not C17-alpha-alkylated it does not have as strong an association with the occurrence of liver dysfunction and cholestasis. However, it may cause fluid retention and oedema due to sodium retention by the kidney. Nandrolone decanoate is slowly released from the injection site into the blood with a half-life of 68 days.

Nandrolone decanoate has been used to treat a variety of disorders, including:

osteoporosis in post-menopausal women
disseminated breast cancer in women
protein deficiency states occurring after major surgery or trauma
chronic renal failure

Street information

Nandrolone decanoate (Deca) is widely considered to be the most commonly used injectable AS for performance enhancement. It also has the reputation for being one of the most frequently detected banned substances (metabolites can be detected for periods in excess of one year). Because of its popularity Deca has been widely counterfeited, and because of its relatively low androgenic properties it is also commonly thought to aromatize only at high doses.

Deca is commonly used for bulking-up and has a reputation for promoting size and strength. There have also been reports of Deca being effective in alleviating joint and tendon pains. Although some body-builders have found Deca effective during the pre-competition phase, others have found water retention to be a problem.

Reports of side-effects include hypertension, acne, and sexual and reproductive problems. The occurrence of side-effects appears to be more common in females and is influenced strongly by the dosage used. The most common incidences of adverse effects include facial hair growth, deepening of the voice and clitoral enlargement.

About StealthJuice

StealthJuice is a legitimal pharmaceutical company that provides only the best in sterile human grade Anabolic Steroids.

All of their prod­ucts are made in the highest quality and sterility, produced with pharmacy grade, so the contents of the active anabolic steroid of each of their products is up to a mg correct.

All StealthJuice's Injectable Sachets are sterile and ready to use, and they are impossible to be taken by customs! They are as big as McDonalds ketchup pack, and they are designed to pass any inspection without raising a suspiction.

All StealthJuice's Injectable Sachets are 5mls in size, small and easy to use. The labels always change so they are customs safe.

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DECA-DURABOLIN 200 mg/ml by StealthJuice

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