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GW1516 5 mg

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Product Specifications

Product: GW1516 5 mg
Product Code: SP.T.2
Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
Active Ingredient: gw-501516
Strenght: 5mg/tab

About gw-501516

GW1516 increases exercise endurance

GW1516 is a potential treatment for obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease

GW1516, also written GW 50516, is a drug and research chemical which acts as a PPARī (peroxisome proliferator activated receptor delta) modulator and selective agonist. GW1516 activates AMP-K (5' adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) and stimulates skeletal muscle glucose uptake.

GW-50156 regulates fat burning through a number of widespread mechanisms; it increases glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue and increases muscle gene expression, especially genes involved in preferential lipid utilization. This shift changes the body's metabolism to favor burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates or muscle protein, potentially allowing clinical application for obese patients to lose fat effectively without experiencing muscle catabolism or the effects and satiety issues associated with low blood sugar. GW-501516 also increases muscle mass, which improved glucose tolerance and reduced fat mass accumulation even in mice fed a very high fat diet, suggesting that GW-501516 may have a protective effect against obesity.

About SP Laboratories

SP Laboratories is an organization that is manufacturing drugs under the contract for pharmaceutical companies, a project plant that is producing and making clinical tests into humans for adverse side effects and sure effects.

SP Laboratories is manufacturing production tests, pilot lots of drugs for pharmaceutical companies.

Specifically, SP Laboratories provide support services covering the spectrum of pharmaceutical companies manufacturing functions, from commercial production to all necessary documents for legal approval, but cant guarantee that the formulations will be approved. It is only manufacturing the formulations under the contract that the pharmaceutical companies are asking for.

SP Laboratories is working to meet the diverse needs of such pharmaceutical companies through the provision of flexible and expeditious services, producing under the contract, at customer request.

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